U.S. House of Representatives District 11: Paul Myers (Challenger)


Paul Myers of Midland is a Republican candidate challenging incumbent Mike Conaway for the Congressional District 11 office in the Primary Election March 6.

Website: Myers for Congress 2018

Facebook page: @VoteMyers2018

How Long have you lived in Midland? 12 years.

Occupation: Rig Testers, Inc., District Manager, 15 years; Realtor with Keller Williams Realty, 1.5 years.

Education: Abilene Cooper High School; Cisco Junior College (Abilene campus), general studies; Texas State University, majored in political science.

Family: Emery Myers, spouse, married 7 years; Tom Myers, age 6; Jackson Myers, age 4.

Why are you seeking this office? Mike Conaway has shown that he will vote in favor of budgets that we cannot afford. I will not vote for a budget that is not balanced. My opponent’s voting record shows his alliances are to the big money donors from outside of the state. This district deserves better.

What are the issues? The 2nd Amendment is a right granted to us by our Creator. That right is the spine that supports all the others. We are a Republic, a nation of laws. We have laws regarding boarder security and immigration. Those laws must be enforced. I am prolife and would not vote in favor of a budget with any money designated for clinics that provide abortions.

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